The Way Back

My journey started when I was very young. Although it was over sixty years ago, I remember vividly my mother lecturing me to sit, stand, and walk with my head up and shoulders back as I walked around the house with a book on my head. I assume that book balancing was punishment when I was discovered slouching. There was warning mixed in with the lecture that I would have rounded shoulders like my grandmother, so I had a vivid visual reminder every time I caught myself slouched in a chair. For years that was enough to keep me focused on sitting, standing, and walking with grace and correct posture.

Over time my resolve to fight the inevitable faded. It was hard work to stand correctly and life had diminished my determination not to look like my grandmother. For seventy years it was my appearance that was the driver until the fateful day when my back cracked. Then I faced the reality that I had kyphosis and something more than standing up straight was needed to correct the deformity.