New Year’s Resolution

When I picked up the water that was in a drawer under my bed, it was the last item that needed to be moved out of the three rooms that would receive the new floor. Bud was not able to do any of the prep work so my body from head-to-toe was tired. If my back had warned me, I could have told it to hang in there a little longer because I was almost done, maybe it did tell me, and I didn’t listen. Regardless, we both limped through Christmas and didn’t move anything back to its place until our daughter flew out to help us. Yeah, we could finally find what was missing for a month and I set a new year’s resolution to finally beat my rounded shoulders.

As you might expect, things don’t usually happen the way you plan. Geny flew back to Utah on Dec 30th and nine days later Bud my husband and best friend for 52 years died.

My week-old new year’s resolution was put on the back burner for months, as I resolved the many issues that followed the unexpected death of my husband. Unfortunately, I gained twenty-five pounds before I started to focus again on my journey back. To be honest five of the pounds were due to the pandemic but it all added up to extra weight that my back carried around.