2019 to 2021: Getting Up in the Morning


Every morning I woke up and lay in bed for a long time trying to decide when and how I would get up. Eventually the need to go to the bathroom would drive me to get up despite the pain. Excedrin did not lessen the pain during the short walk from bed to bathroom. I slowly rolled off my bed edge and grabbed the edge of the dresser to stabilize my slow steps to the bathroom.

To return, I used the sink to pull myself up and paused at every step to breath deeply and slowly moved back to bed.


Two years later, every morning I wake up and think about what I need to do that day. where I needed to go and what I want to accomplish. Somewhere during the though process, I automatically get up, go to the bathroom, and return to bed to continue planning the day. With a goal to blog every day, I pick a topic and write.

What is missing from the picture two years later? I have eliminated the pain 99% without taking pain killer medications. I don’t use the dresser to walk to the bathroom. I don’t use the sink to help lift myself off the toilet and lean against it to wash my hands. The morning routine is automatic and virtually pain free.

Two year later and I feel healthier and I am sure I am getting younger not older.