2019 to 2021: Looking Over My Shoulder


Looking side to side and over my shoulder. Sounds simple but over the years the ability diminished slowly. In fact it happened so slowly I wasn’t even aware that I had lost significant range of motion. Over the previous years I was treated by chiropractors, physical therapist and a doctor of osteopathic medicine. Some of the work they performed gave me temporary relief but none eliminated the pain or gave me the results I expected. On one occasion the treatment actually exacerbated the pain and negated any attempt to correct my weakening back.

When driving, I used the mirrors to see over my shoulder and behind me. The most challenging was seeing cars that were in the blind spot over the right shoulder.


The blind spot has practically disappeared as I smoothly turn my head to view cars on the right side of the car. I still use mirrors to watch for cars approaching or traveling near by, but I can easily turn my head and look carefully for cars that might invade my space. Driving is easier and puts minimal stress on my core as well as my back.

In addition to ease of movement, I use time at stops to stretch my neck and move my chin straight back. The stretching exercise continue to strengthen the muscles in my neck.

The range of motion is better than I can remember. Two year later and I feel healthier and I am sure I am getting younger not older.