2019 to 2021: Drugs


Excedrin was my pain killer of choice. It general helped me through the day, but of course it had its downside. Primarily, it slowly destroyed my stomach, so I took Nexium to minimize the effects of Excedrin. Until it the lining of the stomach cracked and started to bleed.


Drug free is an amazing feeling. No more Excedrin, no more Nexium.

While kicking the pain pill habit is impressive, it isn’t because of anything I did. It is the result of a Chiropractors who specialized in optimizing the spine. It was fifteen months after I started treatment that I kicked the Excedrin habit cold turkey and lived through the headaches that resulted after I stopped the intake of caffeine.

Finally my dependency on pain killer to survive the day ceased. I feel healthier and I am sure I am getting younger not older.