2019 to 2021: Sleep


It was impossible to find a position that relieved the pain even at night. I normally slept with a pillow under my knees. At some point in my life, I heard that sleeping with legs elevated was good for your back and heart, but I questioned whether it was the cause of my back pain. I tried to sleep with extra pillows and without, but my back hurt either way. I tried to sleep on my stomach, I tried to sleep on my side, but by morning I was on my back and woke up in pain.


I started going to Dr. Nate in June 2019 and learned that my extra pillow under my knees was a good idea and sleeping on my back was best for me. I purchased a large foam wedge that I used from that point on. In fact I purchased several wedges over the first year to ensure I had one available wherever I slept.

Now, I go to sleep quickly lying on my back and sleep peacefully for four hours. I wake up with no pain and get up without thinking about the years that I dreaded getting up every morning.

Two year later and I feel healthier and I am sure I am getting younger not older.