2019 to 2021: Sitting


I could not find a chair that was comfortable to sit in. Previously I had an amazingly comfortable chair that I wore out BUT the chair was NOT the best hair to sit in. The chair curve around my back so I never sat up with good posture. I curled up in the leather chair for years and managed to keep it going for as long as I could. We bought a great chair for Bud but I could not sit in it. My shoulders rounded forward and it was a struggle to stay upright. The growing lump in my back hurt when I tried to sit up.

At church I sat in the pews and leaned forward rather than sit with my back again the back of the pew. If a person sitting behind me hit or touched the back of the pew, it sent pain radiating though my back. Attending conferences and sitting in the chairs provided was challenging. Sometimes I brought a pillow to help ease the pain. Speaking of pillows, I had a small pillow that I used when I sat at the dinning room table.

After my favorite chair collapsed for the last time, I made a chair in my bed with pillows and contraptions I bought from Amazon.


I love Bud’s desk chair! I can sit for hours and hold my back during long Zoom meetings. I have a wireless keyboard that I can use on my lap rather than use the Laptop’s built in keyboard.

I sit at Church and lean casually up against the back of the pew and the jabs from those behind me have no affect on my back.

I don’t need the cushion to sit at the dinning room table.

I do get tired when I sit for a long time, but nothing compares to the problems I faced two years ago.

I have a new contraption for reading in bed. It is little more than a board with padding over the board and padded arms were I rest my arms. I rest my head as I lean back which imitates the neck exercise I do daily.

Yes, I feel two years younger!