2019 to 2021: Up I Go


Walking up stairs became harder and harder and climbing steps that are higher than normal was almost impossible. I could no longer, step up on a chair to reach the top shelf of a cabinet. Somewhere along the way, I lost the functionality of the gluteus and other muscles that stabilized the body.

I had Gluteus Amnesia or Dead Butt Syndrome. When we sit too long, blood flow is restricted, nerves get irritated and, over time, our hip flexors tighten and our gluteal muscles lengthen. This doesn’t mean our butts are “dead;” it means they’re weak and not activating efficiently. It also means that other muscles have to work harder to compensate. Translation: in addition to a numb or possibly inflamed butt, you may also experience back, knee, ankle and foot pain. Symptoms can be mild and occasional severe and long-lasting.


It took months of exercise to bring my gluteal muscles back to life. Now, walking up stairs is effortless. Climbing on a stool to each the top closet shelf is accomplished quickly without pain. I can sit and feel my butt getting sore after a couple hours. Ugh and Yeah!

I am getting younger day by day.